10 November 2023, Manila, Philippines — BakuNanay wins the National Bronze Award for Health Literacy at the prestigious Healthy Pilipinas Awards for Partners 2023, hosted by the Department of Health. 

Launched in December 2020, BakuNanay is a pioneering initiative aimed at fostering vaccine confidence and combating misinformation surrounding vaccines in the Philippines. The campaign, powered by theAsianparent and supported by Sanofi, has made significant strides in educating Filipinos on the importance of vaccinations to ensure the well-being of children and communities.

(L) Carla Perlas, VP-Content & Communications at The Parentinc and (R) Noriel Venerable, Lead Public Channel Sales of Sanofi Philippines


Through the innovative use of social media, BakuNanay created Team BakuNanay, a robust community of mom ambassadors that provided a safe space for experts, parents, and guardians to share information and experiences related to vaccines. The campaign’s primary objective is to empower individuals with accurate and science-based knowledge about vaccines.

One of the standout features of BakuNanay is the series of webinars organized by the campaign, where medical experts engaged with the community, addressing questions, sharing advice, and disseminating crucial information about vaccines. These webinars have become a cornerstone of the campaign, allowing for direct and interactive communication between experts and the public.

This National Bronze Award for Health Literacy at the Healthy Pilipinas Awards for Partners 2023 reflects the dedication and impact of the BakuNanay campaign in promoting health literacy and dispelling vaccine misinformation.

These are the National Bronze Awardees at the Healthy Pilipinas Awards for Partners 2023


Notably, BakuNanay has previously been recognized for its excellence in customer engagement, winning the Silver Award at the 2021 Marketing Excellence Awards. Additionally, the campaign was a Finalist for Excellence in the Influencer/KOLs Marketing category, further solidifying its position as a leader in innovative health communication.

As the fight against vaccine misinformation continues, BakuNanay remains committed to its mission of ensuring a safer and healthier future for Filipino children and communities.

To support the fight against vaccine misinformation, join Team BakuNanay here.




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