SEA mums go through intensive research before making an online purchase, according to the latest survey by theAsianparent

  • theAsianparent Insights releases Digital Mum Survey (DMS) 2022 involving responses from 3,014 mothers across Southeast Asia.
  • Results show that SEA mums do intensive research involving articles, reviews, and price comparison before purchasing online.
  • The survey includes how much time mums spend on social media and their preferred social media apps and popular topics.

18 August 2022, Singapore – It’s the rise of the investigative mother as the latest Digital Mum Survey (DMS) by theAsianparent reveals that mums across SEA now refer to multiple sources before purchasing online.

The latest DMS report by theAsianparent, Southeast Asia’s largest content & community platform for parents reaching 35 million users monthly, received responses from mums all over Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. A total of 3,014 mums participated in this online survey conducted during the first three months of the year.

This year’s report notes that mums go through intensive research to help them decide on an online purchase. Intensive research involves looking through articles across the web, comparing prices with different sellers and platforms, and reading reviews on the product.

Additionally, the survey indicates that SEA mums read at least three (3) articles when researching products. Mums in Malaysia read the most articles (3.6), followed by Singapore (3.4). Thai and Indonesian mums read the same number of articles (3.2), while Filipino mums read the least (2.6).


While mums enjoy reading about current events and personal experiences on social media, the number one topic they search for is Parenting Tips. According to the survey, mums from all five markets prioritise going online to read and learn from other parents. Mums also like to learn more and be inspired by educational tips or facts and inspirational quotes. They also like to laugh by seeing jokes or memes, and they remain interested in holiday-related content, as well as contests and giveaways.

As for the time spent, the survey indicates that mums spend more time online on weekends and dedicate most hours on social media apps and online TV.

In particular, mums in Thailand spend six (6) hours on social media apps and two (2) hours on online TV. Similarly, Malaysian mums also spend a couple of hours on online TV but spend 4.2 hours on social media. Mums in the Philippines spend 4.7 hours on social media and eat up the most hours on online TV (2.1 hours). Singapore mums consume the same and highest number of hours on online TV as the Philippines, but spend the least hours on social media (3.6). Indonesian mums spend 3.8 hours and 1.5 hours on social media apps and online TV, respectively.


The report shows that mums across SEA have greatly adapted to several social media applications and have become comfortable with online purchases, even for items not normally purchased online. 

Shopping categories such as home and furniture, baby products and essentials, cosmetics and personal care, electronics and digital entertainment, are some of the most popular items we see in e-commerce. With 63% of SEA mums buying baby clothes online, 54% for baby diapers, 53% for baby care essentials like oils, creams, and shampoo, 51% for home accessories like linens, cabinets, and mattresses, 45% for adult clothes, 47% for skincare, and 31% for health supplements. 


The survey notes that there has been a great app adoption among mums specifically in platforms that can provide them convenience. Applications for food delivery, online shopping and ride hailing reveals 70-90% in app usage. Other applications mentioned in the survey are for e-consultation (20-40%) and show streaming sites that see a significant increase in usage among mums all over the region (60-80%).

Outside the usual social media applications like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram that continue to show user activation, the survey reports that Tiktok is evidently on the rise in terms of apps managed by mums.

From data gathered in 2021, Malaysia gives us the highest increase in usership and installation at 38% followed by the Philippines at 23%. Then Thailand at 18% followed by Indonesia (15%) and Singapore (8%).

This rise in Tiktok usership encourages mums to consume more short-form content on their usual social media apps like Facebook or Instagram. This also encourages different brands to explore new ways of producing content to truly connect with mums.

“This survey not only proves the adaptability of mums and their objective approach in making an online purchase, but also shows how online and in-store purchasing can work harmoniously in this ever-changing society we live in. With brands improving their e-commerce user interface and customer service experience, we are certain to see a much more dynamic consumer behavior especially for mums across SEA,” concludes Jeremy Chang, Regional Consumer Insights Analyst at theAsianparent.


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