Singapore, 19 November 2020 – theAsianparent, Southeast Asia’s largest community parenting platform with a monthly network reach of more than 30 million users, has launched its latest insights report on the sentiments of mothers across Southeast Asia. This report is sponsored by Club Med.

Based on insights from more than 4,000 mothers across Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, this report by theAsianparent reveals the consumer sentiment amongst mothers, including but not limited to:

  • Majority of Southeast Asian mothers are key decision makers when it comes to matters concerning the household and children products.
  • Malaysian mothers are the most optimistic amongst others about present and future (in 12 months time), stemming from more than satisfactory employment opportunities, confidence in their education system and stronger financial standing.
  • Indonesian mothers have concerns about the education system in terms of innovative teaching methods/labs/tools from imparting quality education.
  • Filipino mothers are concerned about the weak economic outlook and their poor financial standing.
  • Only one third of Singaporean mothers feel confident about the current economic situation, with more than 80% of mothers having the view that the economy is in recession. 
  • Thai mothers have a negative outlook on their current situation with job losses and wage cuts, giving them the view that the country is in recession.
  • Vietnamese mothers have a pessimistic viewpoint on the current situation due to poor economic performance and financial conditions. Future outlook is neutralised by the possibility of the economy getting back on track. 
  • Regardless of the economic situation, the majority of Southeast Asian mothers will not cut back on spending on their children’s development, which includes superior food/milk drinks, educational toys/games and specialised learning and development courses.
  • Holidays/vacations are on the wishlist of Southeast Asian mothers, with the exception of Filippino and Vietnamese mothers.
  • Excluding Malaysian and Vietnamese mothers, mothers in the region are willing to take risks with their savings.
  • Uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic has deferred the purchase of big-ticket items.

“Even though the effects of COVID-19 have been prolonged beyond initial expectations, it is interesting that mothers within the region still have a generally positive outlook on the future. This presents opportunities for brands across various sectors – from travel and FMCG to finance and insurance – to leverage on. However, it is critical that their brand messaging adapts to the current climate to remain relevant, and that is how we have been assisting brands with”, said Malena Gong, Regional Head of Insights of theAsianparent.

“The young families traveling sentiment barometer has reaffirmed our marketing approach as we prepare to reopen our resorts. Club Med being a family brand, one of our primary focuses is understanding the concerns that mothers of young families have and trying to alleviate them. theAsianparent’s audience base is greatly aligned with our target reach and through this partnership, we were able to survey the right audience and gain deeper insights for more impactful communications in this new era.  The barometer results also strongly validate Club Med’s Safe Together programme that has been implemented throughout our resorts as a reassurance to families that safety measures are in-place for their safe travels,” said Vincent Ong, Senior Vice-President of Club Med APAC Marketing.

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