Aptly named “Understanding the Malaysian Mum”, the 2019 Malaysian Digital Mum Report was the result of a survey done across the country, yielding 586 responses.

62% of the mums surveyed fall within the 26-35 age category; majority (80%) have a monthly household income of less than RM6,000.

Here are some of the report highlights:

She’s the Chief Household Officer (CHO)

94% of Malaysian mums attest to being the primary/co-decision-maker for household purchases

2 out of 5 increased their Internet usage by up to 4 hours a day after becoming a mum

What’s keeping them busy online: social media (83%), online shopping (61%), general Internet browsing (60%), parenting sites (55%), email (53%).

99% have at least 1 social media account

Per week, 61% spend over 6 hours on Facebook and 63% spend over 6 hours on Instagram.

2 out of 5 mums communicate with other mums online multiple times a day

Their top messaging app is Whatsapp, followed by Instagram, and then FB Messenger.

Topics vary between what she reads and what she watches

What mums enjoy reading: News, Baby/toddler child health, Health & nutrition tips, Baby/toddler child development

What they watch online: #1 Food; #2 Vacation; #3 Parenting & Children; #4 Fashion & Beauty

90% of mums surveyed shop online

Their favourite online shops are Shopee, Lazada, Facebook, and Instagram, where they buy clothes for their kids and themselves, as well as children’s products & toiletries.

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