SINGAPORE, July. 25th, 2014 – How do Singaporean mothers feel about their bodies and their appearance? A recent survey conducted by, Asia’s #1 parenting portal, reveals deep insights about how mothers really perceive their bodies and appearance.

The 350 women surveyed are Singapore based mums aged 21-50, with 44% between the ages of 31 and 45.

According to survey results, 99% of mothers have at least one, or more, body areas of concern. The most common problem area that 67% of mothers agree on includes the stomach, muffin top and love handles. Uneven tone, dark patches and pigmentation problems make up the top facial concern that affects 63% of mothers surveyed.

Exposing more of the insights, theAsianparent has discovered that 60% of mums spend 10-30 minutes daily on their beauty routine. Furthermore, 53% of mothers feel pressure to look younger, while up to 55% of mums have considered a non-invasive procedure.

Mother of one, Victoria Galistan, shares, “I feel all new mothers’ biggest common concerns are eye bags and dark circles resulting from sleep deprivation. It’s one huge sleep debt that will never be paid back.”

Justina Goh, also a mother of one, has her concerns as well, “Most mothers say breastfeeding helps weight loss. Eighteen months later, I’m still feeling heavy around the middle but I’m still breastfeeding! I’m wondering if I can ever get rid of the extra kilos, and how much more I will gain when I plan for my second pregnancy.”

For a more detailed account of the findings, scroll to the bottom for theAsianparent’s infographic which uncovers mums’ beauty secrets, routines and concerns.

Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Insights, Neetu Mirchandani, says,“theAsianparent team strives to understand mothers better in all areas of life, be it buying behaviours, self-perception or even beauty secrets. With this goal in mind, ‘ Insights’ came to fruition. We pay close attention to the parent demographic to comprehend what’s needed to be a complete and balanced parent.”

Roshni Mahtani, founder of, shares, “Knowing is one thing, but doing something about the issues parents face is more important. We empathize with these concerns and therefore aspire to connect parents with the solutions to their pressing problems at hand.”

Neetu opines, “Parents have strong resounding voices, especially mothers. Now, will ensure that this voice will be heard with unmistakable accuracy.”

Beauty Survey Infographic


Justina Goh, 33,

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Victoria Galistan, 31

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Planning for a second child soon

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